All Souls grew out of mission trips from throughout the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana and the national Church to provide relief, cleaning supplies, food, clothing, clean water, medical assistance and spiritual counseling to residents returning to the community in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Our church has grown from a tiny group meeting in a garage to our present location in a former Walgreen’s. The Archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, dedicated our worship facility in September 2007.

Early Beginnings: Building a church and community for All Souls. Circa 2007

As we continue to transform our physical space, with the assistance of generous donations and thousands of volunteers from around the world, we are expanding our program offerings and working tirelessly to become a more sustainable community center where many services are provided and where local organizations are presently holding meetings.

What people are saying about All Souls Episcopal Church and Community Center:

Jeanetta Burton, parishioner (deceased)
“When I came here I needed a blessing from God. I didn’t know people could love so much. You’ve still got good people in this world who love each other, and God is still in charge. I needed a blessing, and now I want to be a blessing for others.”

Wanda Bennett Smith, parishioner
“I needed to come home because there’s nothing like home. This church is a place I feel at home. Everyone welcomes you here.”

Maggie Capers, beloved parishioner (deceased)
“I love this church. I think we’ve crossed the water.”

Jean M. Massey, parishioner
“I was displaced after Katrina and lived in Alabama for a year (coming back and forth). I decided to come home. Observed people meeting for Church and prayer in a neighbors garage. It was Fr. Shola (Fr. Shola Falodun, founding Priest), and a few faithful followers. I was led by the Holy Spirit to join them. I have been a member since that time, I am blessed and happy to be a member of All Souls and expect to be for the rest of my life. We are reaching out and reaching up. Thank God for our humble Church in the former Walgreen’s drugstore.”

Renata Woods, parishioner
“My reading is very slow. I know I can’t teach my children, so I put them in tutoring here. In my daughter’s first quarter of first grade, she came home with a C, an F, two Bs and one A on her report card. On her second quarter report card, she had an A, a C and the rest Bs. My other daughter’s teacher told me she might need to go to Special Ed. But about a month after she started coming to tutoring, her teacher is saying she writes better than the other students.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.36.13 PM


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