How do you protect your dog around a pool?

With summer just around the corner, it's common for dog lovers and their pets to flock to pools. However, for all the fun the pool offers you and your dog, it's necessary to focus on keeping your canines safe. Find out in this article, the essentials on dog safety at the pool.

Pool steps and railings for dogs

While your dog can also jump into the water with no problem, getting out of the pool may require a little training and perhaps some special tools. Teach your dog to enter and exit the pool exclusively by the stairs. For more information, continue here. This prevents pool guests from succumbing to a canine cannonball when the dog scatters from the poolside.

On a more serious note, it makes the possibility of steps inside the dog's head a reality, helping him find his way out of the pool safely. Unfortunately, many dogs, even experienced swimmers, have choked to death trying to get off the edge of the pool. What if your dog doesn't have a pool step? Above-ground pools use steps, so a pool railing or graduated pool steps for dogs may be the appropriate answer.

Encourage your dog to swim

You think your dog knows how to swim, right? In any case, how functional is he in the pool? And could a little swimming exercise be beneficial to him? Although all dogs instinctively recognize how to paddle when immersed in water, their underlying method rarely earns them a spot on the Olympic dog swimming team!

Inexperienced swimmers often focus their efforts on using the front legs, neglecting to start with the back legs! Swimming with only the front legs is inefficient and consumes an enormous amount of energy. In addition, the best canine swimmers, like the best human swimmers, must constantly put on flotation devices, even in the water.

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