Violin Ensemble

One exemplary extracurricular activity is our budding Youth Violin Ensemble, which offers music history lessons, introductions to instruments, practice techniques and improvisational concepts. We have a dynamic state-certified violin instructor conducting the ensemble twice weekly. And since we’re located just blocks away from the Home of Fats Domino – we’re inspired to help continue the production of exceptional artists from this neighborhood.

Our current active-use instrument inventory includes:
8 Violins
3 Cellos
2 Bass
3 Guitars
1 Saxophone
1 Flute
6 Percussions

The majority of our children come from low-income, single mother families, and are living below the federal-poverty level. A successful ensemble program has the potential to be a positive catalyst for developing youth leadership skills.


Music enrichment exposes children to the richness of music and the joy it can bring, introduces children to diverse musical styles from around the world, and incorporates multicultural understanding and appreciation (ties in to geography/social studies/language arts), teaches children elementary basics of music theory, encourages individual expression and incorporates other disciplines, including health and fitness while allowing the students to have fun.

The primary mission of the All Souls After School program is to empower students to achieve and excel academically; participation in music program on a daily basis is at the discretion of a student’s parent/guardian, the tutoring Program Manager, Music Program Director, and Priest-in-Charge, and is dependent on student having completed all of his/her homework and projects.

Individual instructions include students in band, orchestra or choir at school, student involvement in music at their church and students desire for individual music lessons. These students would receive ability-appropriate individual and group instruction. If students have sheet music for band or orchestra, they will practice it with the benefit of feedback and guidance from an instructor. Individual instruction will be offered on an as-needed basis; group instruction can and will be utilized.


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